Core vocabularies and metadata profiles open for public consultation |
Премини към основното съдържание
European data
Официалният портал за европейски данни

Core vocabularies and metadata profiles open for public consultation

Public review open until 23 October

The ISA2 programme supports the development of digital solutions that facilitate public administrations, citizens and businesses to benefit from cross-border and cross-sector public services in an interoperable manner. To support this, they are developing a number of (semantic) specifications to harmonise how public data is created and labelled. In close collaboration with relevant EU and Member State services and a broad community of contributors, they have developed three new specifications. To collect feedback on these specifications, they are now open for public review.

The DCAT Application profile for metadata has been expanded to also specifically cover statistical data. The first specification of the so called StatDCAT Application Profile, which brings together the statistical and Open Data communities can be found here, and the feedback on this specification can be sent to this address. A second specification concerns the Core Public Organisation Vocabulary (CPOV), which is a data model to describe public organisations in the European Union using the W3C Organisation Ontology. This revision can be found here and the public is invited to send its feedback to this address. A third specification open for public review is the Core Criterion and Core Evidence Vocabulary (CCCEV), designed to support the exchange of organisations defining eligibility criteria and how to provide the necessary evidence to address these criteria. More information about this specification can be downloaded here and suggestions or comments regarding it can be sent to this address.

The ISA2 Programme is running multiple projects which enhance the interoperability of digital solutions in the European Union. To collect feedback on their work they have regular public consultations on these projects. Want to contribute to these projects as well or want to read more on the work of ISA2? Find out how by following the link below.

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