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Data Talks: Insights into

Save the date and join the webinar on how the Italian Open Data Portal fosters discoverability with Gabriele Ciasullo

On Wednesday 10 February at 11:00 CET, Gabriele Ciasullo will join the Support Centre for Data Sharing and European Data Portal and the team behind for a Data Talks session on the Italian National Open Data Portal (

Gabriele is a senior officer at the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), the company in charge of managing the Italian Open Data Portal, and the National Catalogue for Spatial Data (RNDT). Together, AgID and RNDT are the core components of the infrastructure of the Italian public sector information (PSI) knowledge base. Recently, a new version of both catalogues was released which:

  1. Improves the user experience in the search, access and use of public data; and
  2. Facilitates the use of the functionalities for the documentation of data and services by the administrations.

During the Data Talks, Gabriele and the team will discuss this release in more detail. Furthermore, as data discoverability is one of the main tasks of the Italian Open Data portal, we will discuss how good quality metadata and data catalogues help to ensure data discoverability, availability, and interoperability.

Register and join the Data Talks.

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