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Официалният портал за европейски данни

Discover the Cohesion Open Data Platform

Learn about the adopted programmes under the Cohesion Open Data Platform and its significance for the EU and its Member States

The Cohesion Open Data Platform, by the European Commission (EC), presents aggregated information and promotes transparency on how funds are being used by the European Commission to support EU regions in their economic reforms. The platform shares open data from numerous national, regional, and interregional programmes, providing insights into the cohesion policy, finances (planned and implemented) EU payments made to the Member States and agreed targets. We previously published a news piece with more comprehensive details about the platform.

As of the beginning of 2023, all programmes for 2021 – 2027 have been finalised and adopted. The programmes can be found on the main platform, with interactive charts to highlight the themes, countries and respective funds. All the programmes align with the 5 EU cohesion policy high-level objectives: Smarter Europe, Greener Europe, Connected Europe, Social Europe, and Europe Closer to Citizens. These objectives are based on the six European Commission priorities. Furthermore, the Cohesion Open Data Platform provides the data for a full overview of the funding for 2021-2027 across the five policy objectives.

The Cohesion Open Data Platform, along with its extensive list of programmes falling under national, regional, interregional cross-border, interregional transnational, interregional and interregional outermost categories, serves as a valuable tool in promoting transparency related to finances, budget and expenditure.

Interested in delving deeper into the cohesion policy? Take a look at the Cohesion Open Data Platform and read their data stories.

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