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The economic impact of opening up geodata

Results of a Danish study

In 2012, the Danish government set up the 'Basic Data' programme as part of their digitisation strategy. As a result, a large part of the data held by the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency was made available for re-use. A new study shows that the value of free geographic basic data has doubled since their release in 2013, with substantial gains for society.

The study examined the economic effects of the opening up of geospatial datasets (referred to as open geodata) realised in the period 2013-2016. Open geodata contribute to both more efficiency in public administrations and private sector growth. Companies increasingly indicate that geodata are part of the development of new and innovative products that also end up finding a way to the market. This is a development that companies expect to continue. The impact is divided into 'production effect' and 'efficiency effect', both leading to the creation of an accumulated socio-economic value of 3,5 billion Danish Krone.

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