French network operators open up their data |
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French network operators open up their data

New Open Data platform on gas and electricity

The French network operators RTE and GRTgaz have announced the launch of a new Open Data platform. This online platform will supply electricity and gas consumption and production data in France at the local and national levels.

RTE, responsible for the transmission of electricity, and GRTgaz, responsible for the transport of gas, announced the new platform in a joint statement issued on 3 April. The two network operators highlighted their complementarity, which opens up new prospects for building a global energy system, which is more intelligent and focused on the integration of renewable energies.

The new Open Data platform is presented as the first multi-energy Open Data platform in France. It provides access to data on the production and consumption of energy, both gas and electricity. An example is the annual regional production of renewable energies. The platform is supposed to be enriched over time and to accommodate other operators of electrical and gas infrastructures. It is expected that the Open Data platform will encourage innovation and that it will contribute to the efficiency of the energy system.

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