Recordings of ENDORSE 2021 are now live! |
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Официалният портал за европейски данни

Recordings of ENDORSE 2021 are now live!

Have a look at the presentations from this year’s conference on reference data and semantics

The European Data Conference on Reference Data and Semantics took place between 16 and 19 March.

The Publications Office of the European Union and the ISA² programme of the European Commission joined forces to offer an opportunity for experts to tackle current and future issues in the fields of interoperability and knowledge management. Over the course of four days, the event focused on:

  1. Reference data governance in cross-organisational environments
  2. ‘Law as code’ and interoperability
  3. Procurement and interoperability
  4. Linking data spaces

Curious to learn more? Access all videos and presentations of this four-day event.

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