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IDEA: the International Data & Economic Analysis from USAID

An online database providing access to country-level data across the globe

The International Data & Economic Analysis (IDEA) is a database website created by The United State Agency for International Development (USAID) that provides access to country level data across the globe. Initially set up to support the staff and associates of USAID find and use county-level data from external sources, the IDEA database collects data from the original source, puts the data in a standardized format, and adds it to a database with access to over 10,000 data series.

Historical trends are visualised through factsheets, country-level indicators, and statistics such as population figures, national income (per capita). The data on these factsheets is categorised along the themes: people government, official development assistance, economy, education, and health. Moreover, the website makes it possible to analyse data with the help of an online query tool and a country dashboard.

Explore IDEA website and discover national data from across the world.

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