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Italian Open Data portal expands further

More information from public administrations now directly accessible

The availability of public data on now expands further with the ability to access the Catalogue of the PA databases directly from the national Open Data portal. The Catalogue of the PA Databases contains primarily information relating to databases managed by governments in the pursuit of its institutional purposes or in any case related to the public service tasks (such as the Bank of Italy, the City of Milan and the Region of Puglia).

The information contained in the Catalogue Databases have been collected by the Agency for Digital Italy. The Catalogue has also partnered the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice, through the use of open source technologies. The data in the catalogue of the PA databases include information from 13,822 administrations with at least one database, and a total of 159,725 databases. The data set that powers the Catalogue of Databases is released in open format with the CC-BY license type.

The availability of the Database of the Catalogue represents an important opportunity for the accountability of the PA to citizens. For users who would like to request the opening of data sets pertaining to a specific subject area or within a certain geographical area can use the Catalogue to identify all government references.

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