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Learn from open data best practices of Estonia, Slovenia, and Ukraine!

The 2021 Report on Open Data Best Practices in Europe is published

Learn from the open data best practices of Estonia, Slovenia and Ukraine in the latest report! The report highlights these three countries, which have markedly improved their open data maturity score.

The report summarises in-depth interviews with representatives of the national open data teams and their responses to the extensive questionnaire that was a part of the 2021 Open Data Maturity assessment. The representatives share their best practices, providing inspiration to governments who want to improve their own open data related activities.

What can national open data teams do to improve their open data practices?

Create concrete action plans for open data and data governance. Create them for a few years only and set doable goals.” – the Estonian open data team.

Creating impact and communicating it is key. Otherwise, no one will see how important open data impact is and what changes can be realised.” – the Ukrainian open data team.

Insights into these countries’ open data best practices can be transferred to other national and local contexts. Sharing this knowledge can help other teams improve access to open data, safeguard the quality of open data publications, and increase the impact of open data across Europe. To this end, data.europa.eu will host a public webinar to further encourage knowledge sharing.

Register here to join the data.europa academy webinar on Thursday, 17 March from 10:00-12:00 CET.

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