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Open Data in Smart Prague

Integrating Open Data into public sector services to realise Smart Prague

Operátor ICT is a company that integrates Open Data into different public sector services in Prague and promotes Open Data re-use to make the city smarter by increasing awareness on its potential impact on society and industry.

An example of how the company contributes to making Prague smarter with Open Data is Cisco Kinetic for Cities - a platform that assists users in building a 'smart city framework'.

The platform provides data on the environment, pollution, parking spaces, street lights, Wi-Fi locations and USB charging points. Through this platform, users also have access to an analysis of the different datasets such as how many minutes the lights in the city were on every day and the average noise levels in decibels. Moreover, the platform shows real-time data. For example, a user can see if at that moment a light in the city is on or off. Operátor ICT publishes the data from Cisco Kinetics for Cities on their data platform Golemio so a person living in or visiting Prague can solve a problem, such as finding a parking space and getting information about public transportation.

Prague is now focusing on Smart City standardisation and promotes the re-usability of data to find more smart solutions. For more information about how Operátor ICT is using Open Data in Prague, read "Outcome of EDP's Webinar: Open Data in Smart Cities".

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