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Amsterdam enhances the ethical Smart City

Anonymous by design, principles for an ethical Smart City and a city-wide sensor registry

Being at the technological forefront and promoting and implementing ethical responsibility at the same time is a challenge. How to master that balance is shown by a few pioneers, implementing strategies and measures to address the challenges around data protection, anonymisation and data ownership. The recently published report from Nesta, as part of the involvement with an EU Horizon 2020 project, investigated and showcased existing efforts from pioneers in the field. As reported on the European Data Portal, Barcelona is one of the role models in the field. However, remarkable efforts worth highlighting also can be found in the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

Similarly to Barcelona, Amsterdam also supports the anonymous by design approach for users of their e-government services to reduce the collection of unnecessary personal data. In the TADA manifesto six principles underline the importance to empower citizens and give them control over their data. The principles are titled: Inclusive; Control; Tailored to the people; Legitimate and monitored; Open and transparent and From everyone - for everyone. Furthermore, all publicly installed sensors in Amsterdam are being collected to a transparent registry by the Chief Technology Officer's innovation team.

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