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City of Aarhus democratises municipal data

Aarhus municipality shares open data with Open Data DK to increase opportunities to access information

Danish municipalities spend considerable resources in collecting and processing data to increase openness and transparency within Denmark. Non-sensitive data is freely shared with the Open Data DK - the Danish Open Data portal - to exploit the benefits that data can bring to the economy and society. One example is the Aarhus municipality.

The City of Aarhus has a large focus on collecting and publishing data, where one of their main goals is to democratise data to ensure that citizens have better opportunities to access information. For instance, since 2013 Aarhus municipality publishes their data on schools, traffic, culture, nature and the environment on the Open Data DK platform to promote openness and allow interested parties to analyse and visualise the data to create services.

For more information about how the City of Aarhus is sharing data, read Open Data DK's article about school district data form Aarhus Municipality, which discusses how private companies such as DinGeo exploit geodata to provide users with clear information in an easy and clear format.

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