The European Commission’s 2022 Strategic Foresight Report is out! |
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The European Commission’s 2022 Strategic Foresight Report is out!

Discover key synergies and areas of actions identified in the 2022 Strategic Foresight Report on ‘Twinning the Green & Digital Transitions’


On 29 June, the European Commission (EC) published their 2022 Strategic Foresight Report. In this report, the EC highlights how the world is undergoing geopolitical shifts that are reinforcing megatrends already affecting Europe. Such geopolitical trends include long term impacts on energy availability and prices, food security, economic stability, security, and defence. These trends will affect Europe’s path towards achieving a fair green and digital transition across Europe – a top priority in the EU’s political agenda. Thus, the 2022 Strategic Foresight Report, ‘Twinning the Green & Digital Transitions’, aims to provide a future-oriented analysis of the major role played by digital technologies and the influence of geopolitical factors in the interactions between the green and digital transition.  

The report notes several key synergies that need to be addressed to achieve the green and digital transition:

  • Digital technologies to achieve climate neutrality, reduce pollution, and restore biodiversity will become increasingly important. This refers, for instance, to micro-sensors and smart devices monitoring pollution exposure and access to (open) environmental data.
  • Pursuing the green transition will transform the digital sector. For instance, achieving climate neutrality and energy efficiency of data centres and cloud infrastructures will help to make technologies greener (including big data analytics and the Internet of Things).

These key synergies require a consistent flow of (open) data to ensure that government bodies can assess whether additional measures are necessary or what areas require more support and funding.

Moreover, the report identifies 10 areas of actions that are needed to strengthen opportunities and minimise risks related to the interaction between the green and digital transition. Examples of these areas of actions are:

  • Mobilising additional investment into new technologies and infrastructure;
  • Ensuring a future-proof regulatory framework for the Single Market that complements sustainable business models and consumer patterns;
  • Promoting robust cybersecurity and secure data sharing framework to ensure that critical entities can prevent, resist and recover from disruption.

Are you curious to learn more about these recommendations? Read the full report.


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