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International Youth Day: Youth as agents of change

Discover youth-led projects to support the green transition

Today is International Youth Day, celebrating the ways in which youth lead as agents of change for global goals. To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and respond to the global climate crisis, the green transition is crucial. Youth play an important role in this transition which requires the right knowledge, abilities, values and attitude to live in, develop and support a sustainable society.

Funded by the European Union, the EUTeens4Green projects has been launched for youth to take ownership and become actors of change to contribute to advancing the green transition in their region. It allows for youth-led actions to grow locally and unleash their potential when it comes to engagement and mobilisation in society. Furthermore, it supports EU territories with Just Transition Fund (JTF) characteristics, which are territories most affected by the transition towards climate neutrality.

The EUTeens4Green covers 75 projects, which can be found on the interactive map on their website. For example ‘Greenagers’ aims to show students how to live a sustainable life on a small scale and make an impact with small environmental steps. They focus on activities within schools such as renewing a greenhouse project or making paper briquettes. It also raises awareness on social sensitivity and collaborates with local environmental activists, farms and community gardens.

The future of the younger generation largely depends on the decisions that are taken now. It’s their right to have their voice heard and act as catalysts for change!

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