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Topics covered in the Economic Impact of Open Data study

Explore the European Data Portal’s study on the Economic Impact of Open Data in Europe

In February 2020, the European Data Portal (EDP) released a study titled “The Economic Impact of Open Data: Opportunities for value creation in Europe”. The study researches the value created by open data across Europe, focusing on aspects such as:

  • Open data market size
  • Open data employment
  • The potential of open data in different sectors, including agriculture, health, finance and transport
  • Efficiency gains of open data, including saving lives, saving time, saving the environment, and improving language services with open data
  • Cost saving in industries such as the healthcare and the public sector
  • Open data in organisations

In addition to these aspects, the report highlights seven key lessons. For example:

  • The need for open data re-users to be aware and capable of understanding and leveraging its potential; and
  • That sector-specific initiatives and collaboration in and across private and public sector foster value creation.

Interested in finding out more about the economic impact of open data and its opportunities in Europe? Explore our report on the Economic Impact of Open Data. To keep up to date with more open data news and featured article, follow the EDP on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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