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Cities are moving forward with Open Data

In Europe many cities are developing an Open Data strategy. We've taken a look at eight leading cities in detail.
National Open Data

Open Data is a valuable source for solving civic problems, improving transparency and closing the gap between local government and citizens. The World Council on City Data introduced 17 different themes including around 100 indicators relating to the standardisation of city data.

The huge amount of data that cities gather can help solve local problems more efficiently. More cities are starting to look at the benefits of Open Data.

Car Parking

From urban planning to employment, culture and health. Cities are publishing all sorts of data and making practical use of it. An example of how local Open data used in practice is for instance via the creation of applications on the location and availability of parking spots in a city.

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Discover what's happening in the field of Open Data in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna.


To learn more about the open data in cities and the best practices, you can read the full report here: