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Where does the most downloaded data come from?

And which report available on the EDP is most popular?

The European Data Portal harvests the metadata of Public Sector Information available on portals, both national and regional/local, throughout Europe.
Currently there are 71 catalogues harvested, which provide a total amount of more than 640,000 data sets. When looking at the download statistics, since the launch of the portal on 15 November 2015 the most downloaded data is from the national Open Data Portal in the UK. However, this portal is closely followed by the data portal of the European Union where all the data from the EU institutions is centralised. Data sets from portals in Poland, France, Germany, Romania and Spain are also present in the top 10 most downloaded data sets.

download data table 1


The European Data Portal provides information about various other topics related to Open Data, for example a Training companion, an Open Data Goldbook and many reports on content related to Open Data. These can all be found in the library section of the portal. The most downloaded report is the report on Creating Value Through Open Data, describing the economic benefits of the re-use of Open Data. The complete top 5 with the highest amount of unique downloads since the launch of the European Data Portal are listed in the table below:

download data table 2


After the report on Creating Value Through Open Data report, the landscaping insight report is most downloaded. This report describes the insights from the study done in 2015 about the status of European countries with regard to the deployment of Open Data. This study was repeated in 2016 and the report describing the insights and progress made compared to last year, is published on 6 October. The top five is completed by two analytical reports and the Open Data Goldbook. In total there are four analytical reports published, which all describe a topic related to Open Data in detail. The Open Data Goldbook contains practical guidelines for organisations that want to publish Open Data.

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