BDTI Essentials - Session 2: Data Cleaning and Transformation |
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The session will take place online on Friday 16 February from 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM CEST. 

Session 2: Prepare the data for analysis by cleaning and transforming it.

This week, you'll clean your data by addressing data quality issues like missing values.

You'll learn specific techniques for data cleaning and transformation.​ And you'll prepare the datasets for further analysis.

This session is part of a five session course about BDTI. It aims to help public administrations explore the free-of-charge data analytics playground the Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) offers through a practical use case. After this course, you will be ready to apply for BDTI and build a public sector data use case using the platform.

Enabling a Data-informed Public Sector: An Introductory Course to BDTI Essentials

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