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OSPOs for Good 2024

  • 09 July 2024-10 July 2024
  • In-person with hybrid panels, Global

The second edition of the OSPOs for Good symposium is set to be a multi-day conference held on 9th and 10th July 2024, with a richer global presence of diverse open source thinkers, with bigger ambitions and strides for championing OSPOs as a global network for good.

By building on the success of last year’s event, the goal of the 2024 conference is to be ‘bigger and better’ in every way. This action symposium aims to serve as a high-level coming out party for open source in the UN system, delivering high-level thematic tracks that address key areas of open source policy, as well as highlighting emerging examples of ‘open source for good’ from across the globe. It will prominently highlight the theme of ‘open source networks as enablers of global cooperation’.

While the 2024 conference will of course focus on the role of Open Source Programme Offices (OSPOs) like last year’s event, this conference will expand the scope to focus on how the conversation around OSPOs are enabling new forms of global cooperation around open source for good in countries.

OSPOs for Good 2024

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