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18 start-ups funded by Data Pitch

Start-up entrepreneurs from 11 countries ready for taking a next step

Data Pitch announced to fund 18 start-ups with €100,000 grants, accelerating data-driven businesses. This European Union open innovation programme brings together data owners (both corporate and from the public-sector) with start-ups and SMEs working with data.

One of the key success factors of Data Pitch is reflected in its geographical coverage. Funding has been awarded to companies from eleven European countries: Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. The start-ups use data in many different ways. They provide innovative health applications, as well as transport and tourism sector solutions, by applying machine-learning algorithms, building new data platforms and predictive analysis tools.

More information on the start-ups can be found on the website of Data Pitch. Other European data companies, best practice applications and Open Data solutions are part of the use case collection of the European Data Portal.