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Agents for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Open government: From local thinking to sustainable development in Mexico

The aim of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is to help countries achieve sustainable development. In Mexico, led to the initiative to place citizens at the centre of public policies and to enable participation in governmental decision-making. A network of youth organizations together with organisations like UNDP, USAID, INAI, GESOC AC, ProSociedad and GobiernoFácil promote Open Data and open government commitments so that public resources can be used to map citizen engagement, transparency and accountability at community level.

Besides improving the quality of public policies and strengthening local dialogue and co-creation, the initiative follows a second goal. To boost skills and empower local young women and men to become tech-savvy, especially for open government and sustainable development. The training programme currently includes 60 young women and men from 15 states. Get inspired by the local agents of change and their new open government approach of implementing SDGs bottom-up in Mexico.

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