AI and open data ecosystems: A recap of the panel discussions |
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AI and open data ecosystems: A recap of the panel discussions

Learning about the intersection of AI, law, and data in the EU

Our recent series of panel discussions on AI and open data ecosystems has generated an exceptional level of engagement, with a record number of over 2000 registrations in total for the three sessions. These discussions brought together experts to educate stakeholders in the open data environment about the transformative impact of AI. The panels aimed to shed light on how AI intersects with open data, such as using open data to train AI systems or employing AI to generate new data, while also delving into how EU regulatory proposals could shape this dynamic field.

In first panel discussion, experts provided in-depth insights into the legal aspects of AI-generated works, the nuances of data usage and ownership, and the policy frameworks outlined in the AI Act to promote sustainability, transparency, and fairness in AI applications.

The second panel discussion navigated the complex terrain of fundamental rights, ethics, and data protection within AI usage. The speakers discussed the importance of GDPR compliance for AI systems, explored ethical frameworks and human rights impact assessments, and addressed fundamental rights concerns in sensitive areas such as healthcare and education.

The third session ,delved into the regulatory approach of the European Union towards AI. The speakers explored the objectives of the AI Act, examining the requirements for training and generated data, transparency, and the expected functionality of the Act's risk-based approach, along with the checks and balances to be applied.

For those who missed the live discussions or wish to revisit the insightful sessions, recordings and presentations are available on the dedicated data.europa academy lesson. Many thanks to our engaged audience, speakers and contributors. Stay tuned for more webinars that will continue to explore the evolving landscape of open data within the EU.

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