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Airbnb inside

Visualising Open Data to enrich the debate about housing shortage in EU cities

European cities like Barcelona, Berlin or Amsterdam facing increasing housing shortage. One reason could be that residents subrent rooms and often entire apartments or houses via Airbnb in a commercial way. Airbnb is a peer-to-peer platform where short term housing in private accommodations is offered to tourists enabling them to experience a city neighbourhood like a local with a limited budget. To enrich the debate to which extent Airbnb is misused to commercially accommodate tourists and thereby engraving the housing shortage, Murray Cox founded the independent platform Airbnb inside. It allows to answer questions like:

  • "How many listings are in my neighbourhood and where are they?"
  • "How many houses and apartments are being rented out frequently to tourists and not to long-term residents?"
  • "Which hosts are running a business with multiple listings and where are they?"

Making this data easily accessible can support finding a joint solution that preserves the peer-to-peer character of Airbnb in compliance to local law and Airbnb regulations without further engraving the housing shortage. Visit the platform and get informed about how Airbnb is used in your neighbourhood.

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