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Are you into Data-Driven news production?

Call for proposals for Pan-European news projects

The analysis of Big or Open Data creates many benefits and insights, for example in the field of transparency when journalists use the information as a source for news. To support this form of data-driven news production, the European Commission launched a call for proposals to find suitable projects for funding. In this call, they are looking for projects which can use data analysis to increase the reporting on European issues from a pan-European or comparative viewpoint.

Within the Digital Single Market and the free flow of data, information is easily spread throughout the Union. Especially with the amount of Open Data published, this offers new and easier opportunities for journalists to follow and report on European issues. By using data from multiple (European) sources, these news items can go beyond the national perspective. This enhances the dissemination of information on European issues stimulating citizens to engage themselves more in the EU-policy making process.

In the Call for Proposals, the European Commission is looking for projects on data-driven news production on European issues. These issues include all topics which are addressed by the European Union with respect for the complete editorial independence of the team. To enhance the pan-European nature of the project, the professional editorial team should contain members of at least four different Member States.