ASEDIE publishes the annual infomediary sector report |
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ASEDIE publishes the annual infomediary sector report

Public sector data shows an overall growth of the sector

On 14 April, ASEDIE presented the 9th edition of its report on the Spanish infomediary sector in collaboration with the Spanish National Statistics Institute

ASEDIE is a multisectoral information association that brings together infomediary companies from different sectors to publish data and promote its use and re-use to create value-adding products. This report is part of an annual series running since 2013 and aims to demonstrate the size of the Spanish infomediary sector by analysing public sector data collected through various administrations from the previous 2 years. Thus, the edition incorporates 2019 information and provides a detailed overview of the sector and trends in the Spanish landscape.

The 9th edition includes 700 infomediary companies in the analysis and finds that, in 2019, the total sector grew by 6.4% in comparison to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which grew by 3.4%. This is significant growth. The sector was valued at roughly €2.5 billion euros, employing nearly 22 000 employees. In Spain, the region of Madrid houses the highest proportion of companies in the sector (approximately 38%), followed by Catalonia (13%) and Andalusia (11%). One of the major developments the report highlights is the uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) and advances in terms of digitalisation, as 61% of the companies indicated to make use of AI as a tool to create new products.

Discover more findings and find the previous editions on the website.

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