Best practices around Europe: Insights from front runners in Open Data Maturity |
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Best practices around Europe: Insights from front runners in Open Data Maturity

The 2024 report is here to get inspired by Portugal, Serbia, and Slovakia

The Open Data Best Practices in Europe report puts a spotlight on countries that have significantly improved their scores in the Open Data Maturity (ODM) assessment of 2023 and identifies the drivers for their success. This benchmarking exercise is performed by, to evaluate the maturity of the participating countries in the field of open data. In 2023, a total of 35 countries participated in the assessment, including the 27 EU Member states, three European Free Trade Association countries, and five candidate countries. 

In this report, the countries that are identified as the fastest-growing participants in their 2023 maturity score are respectively Portugal, Serbia, and Slovakia. These countries were asked via a survey to share their strategies on the four dimensions of ODM: policy, impact, portal, and quality. Their insightful learnings are collected into a comprehensive overview that can serve as a learning point for other countries striving to advance their own maturity score.  

The report displays the four ODM dimensions accompanied with insights from the front runner countries, making it easy for other countries to select which topic they would like to focus their improvement on. The report contributes to the goal of data sharing across countries, by making these maturity improvement options publicly available. 

Although there may be differences in approaches, these three countries significantly increased their total score in one year, showing there are multiple ways to achieve open data maturity. Access our report to find out what these strategy changes are and get inspired.  

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