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Bulgaria to add 149 data sets to Open Data portal

More Open Data available

Over the next five months, the government of Bulgaria will add 149 data sets to the country's Open Data portal, as the country's state eGovernment agency SEGA announced. New high-priority data sets, as defined by the Bulgarian government, include automatically recorded traffic data, municipal finances, and municipal data sets on education, ecology and transport.

Making its data accessible to citizens and business improves government openness and increases accountability, as stated by SEGA on 3 August. The main source for the new data sets are central government organisations, including agencies involved in justice, education, finance, and tourism.

Bulgaria created its Open Data portal in 2014. All data sets are freely available and can be re-used for commercial and non-commercial purposes. So far, the platform provides access to 2,422 data sets, published by 429 public administrations.

Would you like to know more about the most recent Open Data developments in Bulgaria? Read the press release (in Bulgarian) or explore the Open Data portal yourselves!

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