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Celebrating 40 years of innovation: The journey of EU Framework Programmes

A look into the past and future of European research and innovation

For forty years, the EU Framework Programmes have been pivotal in shaping research and innovation within Europe. Since 1984, these programmes, have systematically supported scientific and technological advancements. Horizon Europe, the latest iteration with a budget of 95.5 billion Euro, aims to bridge the gap between research and its practical, societal applications. 

The EU Framework Programme for research initially focused on coordinating community-level research initiatives. However, through various iterations and Treaty modifications, it evolved into a crucial financial and strategic tool, supporting and implementing EU research and innovation policies. With each new phase, the programme expanded its scope, supporting not just research activities but the entire innovation process. This evolution reflects the EU's commitment to leveraging innovation as a driver for economic growth and societal improvement. 

As the European Commission gears up for the European Research and Innovation Days 2024, it extends a warm invitation to policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and the public to join the discussion. This event, set for 20 and 21 March 2024, in Brussels and online, promises vibrant debates on making Europe more sustainable and competitive. It's an opportunity to not only celebrate 40 years of achievements but also to shape the future of research and innovation. 

Open Data plays a key role in research and innovation by promoting transparency and collaboration. It allows governments to share information with citizens, helping to improve public services. Businesses and entrepreneurs use Open Data to understand markets better and to develop new products. This practical use of Open Data is essential for driving forward research and making sure its benefits are widely shared. 

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