Championing transparency: World Press Freedom Day 2024 |
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Championing transparency: World Press Freedom Day 2024

Empowering journalism and open data for a sustainable future

Today we celebrate the 31st World Press Freedom Day, highlighting the indispensable role of the press, journalism, and the free flow of information in shaping a sustainable future that respects the rights of individuals and promotes gender equality. This year's theme, "A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the face of the Environmental Crisis", underscores the critical role of reliable information in safeguarding our planet, advancing sustainable development, and fortifying democracies. 

World Press Freedom Day 2024 is set to be a platform for diverse objectives, including assessing the global landscape of press freedom, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and reaffirming commitments to freedom of expression. It also highlights the crucial role of trusted and accurate information, particularly concerning the environmental crisis. Moreover, the event will pay tribute to journalists who have made sacrifices in defending press freedom and raise awareness about the violence and discrimination faced by journalists, especially women.

Open data plays a pivotal role in modern journalism, empowering journalists with the tools and resources needed to conduct thorough investigations, verify information, and engage with their audiences. By leveraging open datasets, journalists can analyse vast amounts of information to uncover patterns, trends, and anomalies, enabling data-driven reporting that enriches storytelling and enhances understanding. Furthermore, open data facilitates fact-checking efforts, allowing journalists to verify claims and ensure the accuracy of their reporting. This positive impact fosters greater transparency and deepens understanding of critical issues, such as environmental challenges.

Through platforms like, individuals can access reliable information on environmental degradation, climate change, and sustainable development efforts. Together, through the synergy of journalism and open data, we can foster a more transparent, equitable, and environmentally sustainable world.

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