Changing the European lifestyle: How the European Commission shows progress through open data |
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Changing the European lifestyle: How the European Commission shows progress through open data

The agenda of the European Commission for a secure, healthy, and just Europe

The European Commission is ensuring that Europe is becoming a union that aims to provide justice for everyone. Using funds for several activities to protect EU citizens and EU values, for example supporting the European Health Union in responding to cross-border health crises, creating a strategy for the future of Schengen for easy travel, and setting up the European Security Union to address security challenges.

Each of these activities has a long-term schedule; therefore, it is important that citizens know about the progress that is made. To inform on the EU Security Union Strategy 2020-2025, on May 15, the Commission published their Seventh Progress Report, which shows that there is better equipment to face security challenges. Additionally, as part of the Beating Cancer Plan, the Commission has proposed to increase HPV and HBV vaccinations as preventive measures. 

The use of open data supports the European Commission’s priorities by providing datasets regarding the rule of law, democracy and participation, and evidence-based policies. By analysing data related to social issues, migration, and equality, policymakers can design effective programmes that align with the values of the EU. provides aid to this strategy by hosting publicly available datasets on several EU topics, including security and health

The European Commission has already saved €5.5 billion for the EU by providing better access to and exchange of health data. Our portal publishes datasets and news about the effects and progress of plans like the European Health Data Space (EHDS)

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