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City Data Exchange Copenhagen

Bringing together Open and closed data

Copenhagen set the ambitious goal of becoming a smart, carbon-neutral city by 2025. To achieve this goal, the city is running multiple Smart City initiatives. For example, the Copenhagen Solutions Lab brings together and accelerates concrete initiatives. One of the projects affiliated with the lab is the City Data Exchange Copenhagen. On this platform, all kinds of data users in the city are brought together to purchase, sell and share their broad range of information.

The platform, which is supported by multiple partners, has the objective to take the existing Open Data platforms a step further. By developing a citywide marketplace for all data users and providers, it aims to diversify the available information which can be leveraged for unforeseen business or societal ventures. The City Data Exchange solution streamlines the exchange of data by facilitating the data collection process and eliminating data silos, thereby making it easier for various parties to share information with each other. In the long run this collaboration aims to create a data hub that will foster innovation and improve the quality of life in Copenhagen.

The solution is open for all developers, allowing them to make use of vast quantities of data without having to invest in data gathering and infrastructures themselves. Do you want to explore the data or share your data or get inspired by the tool? Explore the City Data Exchange and find out!

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