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Compare your internet speed

NetMetr brings together internet testing and Open Data

There are many applications available by which you can measure the quality of your internet connection, such as the response time or downloading speed. While this can provide you basic information about your individual connection, comparing this result to the quality of the connection of others can provide you more information. By using Open Data, the application 'NetmMetr' offers this comparison functionality for the Czech Republic and parts of Slovakia.

By analysing previous measurements and the tests conducted by other participants, this website is able to plot the internet quality on a map or to produce statistical reports. With this information you can see for example that the good quality internet connections are primarily found in city centres. After analysis, all of the gathered measurement data is licensed as Open Data for other developers to make use of it. Do you want to compare the quality of your internet connection or do you want to use the data? Follow the link below.

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