Croatia introduces national open licence |
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Croatia introduces national open licence

Boosting the re-use of Open Data

To foster Open Data re-use, one has to make sure that it is clear for users whether and how the data published can be re-used. Open Data is data that can be freely used, modified, and shared by anyone. These properties are described in a licence. There are many licences available out there and now also Croatia has introduced their national open licence.

This marks a clear milestone in the Croatian Open Data journey, as making their data available under this new open licence facilitates the re-use of data. The new licence has been introduced in the new Croatian Rule on licences, which includes the Croatian Open Licence. This has been released in the Official Journal of the Republic of Croatia, published by the Ministry of Administration. The new licence is based on the CC-BY licence.

The content of the Croatian Open Licence is described in the Rule on Licenses. Would you like to know more about licences in general or see how different licences compare? Check the European Data Portal Licensing Assistant.

For more information on why Open Data Licencing is important and how to choose the right type of licence, check out our short eLearning video.