CropDiagnosis: A Greek application to improve pest management |
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CropDiagnosis: A Greek application to improve pest management

CropDiagnosis uses open data to provide crop analysis with problem diagnosis and recommendations

CropDiagnosis is part of Ergobyte, a Greek company founded in 2011 that fosters eHealth innovation by supporting decision making, cost reduction, automation and increases efficiency in healthcare. CropDiagnosis is a mobile application that aims to improve pest management decisions by making crop diagnosis more accurate and by providing pest recognition, product recommendation and application instructions to users. The application uses open data, such as geospatial data, from the European Data Portal, national Open Data Portals and directly from the public organisations in Greece.

CropDiagnosis follows a freemium business model that offers cultivation diagnoses and treatment recommendations for free, with additional services for an annual fee. The application evaluates the crop's details based on the users' answers to a smart questionnaire on cultivation type, appearance, location and soil and possible threats. Once the questionnaire has been completed, the application will suggest the most likely diagnosis and provide products and application instructions to cure the cause.

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