The curing power of Open Data |
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The curing power of Open Data

How biomedical Open Data lead to lifesaving advancements

The vast repositories of biomedical Open Data enables researchers around the world to create their own drugs and diagnostics. These medical advancements show the power and value of disclosing data obtained by publicly funded researchers.

Open Data, related to biomedical information particularly, is the most important export product of today's western world, according to Atul Butte (director of the Institute for Computational Health Sciences at the University of California at San Francisco). The treatment of colon cancer for instance improved as a result of sharing Open Data. By freely distributing data online, researchers and pharmaceuticals are facilitated in coming up with better treatments.

Research that relies on public funding often comes with the condition that the generated data need to be openly accessible for everyone. Publishing the underlying Open Data stemming from research projects adds to this development of open access. Last years, there are large amounts of research data available online in repositories such as the European Bioinformatics Institute and US-based National Institutes of Health.

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