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‘Data citation: a guide to best practice’ is out!

Discover recommendations and best practices on how to cite data


Every day, millions of people search, publish, reuse and analyse data. Very often, however, it is very difficult for users to find the correct data. In this regard, correctly citing data is fundamental to allow people around the world to make the best use of data. But how should data be cited?

The recently published guide by the Publication Office of the European Union, ‘Data citation: a guide to best practice’, includes recommendations and best practices on how to cite data. Divided in three parts, this publication firstly addresses the importance of good data citation and explores all its different aspects. Subsequently, it focuses on how to create good citation, presenting its components, styles and different formats. Lastly, the guide offers additional information on specific differences with other recommendations.

In the annexes, at the end of the publication, the reader can find visual materials such as checklists, diagrams and a list of citation examples that can be very handy for a quick-reference.

For more information about this publication, you can check the training on data.europa.eu academy. You will find there a webinar in which the author, Paul Jessop, presents the study.

On data.europa.eu, it is also possible to find a citation button at the top right corner of each dataset page. This button provides the citation in EU data citation, APA, Harvard and Vancouver referencing styles, which can be easily copied to the clipboard.

citation button on data.europa.eu


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