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Data for climate resilience

PREPdata provides credible climate, physical and socioeconomic datasets

PREPdata is an initiative of The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP), which was formed in 2016. It is an open-source data platform, providing access to actionable climate, physical and socioeconomic data for decision-makers. Urban planners as well as corporate executives need to decide on their strategies and investments, e.g.: Should farmers in drought-prone regions adopt more efficient irrigation systems or switch to climate-resilient seeds? Should a company facing high energy costs triggered by rising temperatures invest in more affordable renewable energy systems or relocate its factory to a cooler climate?

The platform's datasets include temperature, precipitation, drought and flood risk, social vulnerability, coastal energy facilities, landslides, sea level rise, global urban heat island effect, reservoirs and dams, global cropland extent and more to build a solid base for literate data-driven decision making. Explore PREPdata or visit the 4,030 datasets related to climate on the European Data Portal.