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Data.europa academy: Searching data with SPARQL

Learn more about SPARQL and the SPARQL Knowledge Graph


On July 2022, the team updated the data.europa academy course titled ‘Searching data with SPARQL’. The learning objectives of this course are to:

  • Gain an overview of SPARQL in the context of European Union data and beyond;
  • Learn more about specific SPARQL syntax, endpoints, and editors; and
  • Build up on previous understanding of knowledge graphs.

To achieve these objectives, users completing the training are given access to the SPARQL Knowledge Graph. This graph contains a wiki page linking to several tutorials and video lecturers, specifications, endpoints, explanations of SPARQL clauses and functions, syntax, and query examples, for instance.

The SPARQL Knowledge Graph was created by Ivo Velitchkov as part of an advanced training course organised by the Publications Office of the European Union. To this end, the graph is continuously growing based on training sessions, support chats, and user feedback. To take this course, users are required to have a basic knowledge of SPARQL and Knowledge Graphs.

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