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Part 1 of the series: Functionalities of the portal

In April this year, the EU Open Data Portal and the European Data Portal consolidated into one service providing access to European data under the name of The new portal, brought to you by the Publications Office of the European Union, provides access to public data resources from EU institutions and agencies, EU Member States, and other European countries. Currently, you can find over 1 million datasets, from 36 countries, along 13 thematic categories. 

The datasets and available content serve many uses and stakeholders. If you are a journalist or researcher, the portal can be valuable to you in particular through:
•    trustworthy information for your work;
•    insights on public sector information from European countries and beyond;
•    information on the latest developments in the field; 
•    access to data resources that help to create content such as visualisations and analyses; and
•    ideas for improvement of the re-use of public data resources through extensive studies.

You, on the other hand, can contribute to by informing the community and sparking user engagement by sharing content, and leading the discussion around public data resources and its reuse. 

Curious to know which content is out here? Find:
•    News pieces and data stories showcasing trends in the field; 
•    Reports on public data resources, such as the sustainability of open data portal infrastructures
•    The subscription to our quarterly newsletter; or
•    The various datasets

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