Decín municipality wins Open x Closed award |
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Decín municipality wins Open x Closed award

Czech municipality awarded for broad public participation

On 30 September, the Czech municipality of Decín was decorated in the OPEN x CLOSED Competition for its policies on openness. In this competition, Czech public authorities, institutions and personalities compete with each other to identify and applaud the most open body. In the fourteenth edition of the competition, both the jury and public identified Decín as the leading authority in this field.

The selection was made following the efforts of Decín to strive for a broad public participation in decision making. This translates into a long promotion of openness and Open Data, a fully fledged website, online broadcasts, council movies and the release of reports by committees and commissions. A key example of involving multiple stakeholders in the decision making was shown in the development of a new regional land use plan for a new highway. To involve the stakeholders in discussions on the project, the city established a working group with civil associations, entrepreneurs and relevant public agencies and even a neighbouring municipality. Together with other efforts to enhance the transparency of its conduct, the jury evaluated the policies as highly positive.

Following the announcement of the award, Jirí Andel (Deputy Mayor of Decín ) said to be honoured to receive the award and underlined the priority of an open communication for the municipality. Want to know more about the award or explore the policies of Decín yourself? Find out by following the link provided below.

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