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Developing IT Solutions together

Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017

Are you working for a public administration and do you want to start developing an IT solution for your type of services? There is a good chance another administration in Europe already faced a similar issue and developed a solution for it. If this solution was shared between the two administrations, the modernisation of public administrations of Europe would catalyse while the costs would decrease. For this reason, the ISA2 Programme is running an action by which public administrations from all over Europe are stimulated to share or re-use IT Solutions.

As getting to know each other is an important stimulus to start sharing and re-using IT solutions from all over Europe, the programme organises the Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017. During this event, taking place on 29 March in Lisbon, representatives from public administrations, policy and decision makers, legal professionals, IT managers, and procurers will come together to meet each other. Also private sector IT developers who provide IT Solutions for public administrations will be represented. In addition, the event will feature the awards ceremony of the Sharing and Re-use contest, where €100,000 will be awarded to public administrations that have shared or re-used an IT Solution.

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