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Digital Government Index (DGI) Report

The OECD published a report containing results and key policy messages of the Digital Government Index (DGI)

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has recently published an annual report containing the 2019 results and key policy messages of the Digital Government Index (DGI) and the Digital Government Policy Framework. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the level of maturity of the various digital government strategies across OECD member countries. The assessment is the result of the Survey on Digital Government 1.0 and measures digital government maturity along several dimensions of the Digital Government Policy Framework. One of these dimensions is the degree to which governments utilise open data and have policies in place that deal with open data formats.

Results indicate that the majority of OECD member countries show advances in the field of digital governance. All countries have a portal for open government data and most (82%) have an action plan on open government data. In addition, 88% of countries specifically require the architecture to be open by default. In terms of centralised service delivery, however, a lot is still to be gained as only 59% of countries report having an open source platform, and 48% report service delivery in open data formats. 

Overall, it appears that digital government is advancing, though a large potential for digital technologies in terms of data strategy and user-driven public services still remains untapped. Utilising this potential is vital in order to facilitate data re-use and coproduction, to ensure apt governance, and to deliver public value.

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