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The Digital Public Administration Factsheet 2022 is out!

Discover the EU nations progress in the digital transformation of public administration

The Digital Public Administration (DPA) Factsheet is an annual report published by the European Commission. It provides detailed information on how digitalisation is improving the delivery of government services and enhancing citizen engagement in the decision-making processes across European countries. The annual factsheet, first published in 2014, highlights the progress made by EU nations in e-governance and digital transformation of government agencies over the year.

The DPA Factsheet 2022 gives an up-to-date account of the great improvements nations have made over the year. For instance, Croatia has made great strides in digitalising its public administration. One of its main initiatives has been the e-Citizens project, which aims to provide citizens with easy and secure access to a wide range of public services online. The country has also completely computerized its tender procurement process.

Similarly, in cooperation with the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine launched a platform for facilitating eDemocracy named ‘Vzayemodiia’, which seeks to increase interactions among executive bodies, citizens and civil society institutions.

Furthermore, in the Czech Republic, through the Digital Czech Republic Programme for 2022, various initiatives have been implemented to enhance the country's governance capabilities, with a particular emphasis on the National Open Data Catalogue and the interconnection of public databases. To achieve this, government authorities at all levels have been mandated to publish their digital bulletin boards in the open data format, starting February 2022.

The DPA Factsheet 2022 is a valuable resource for understanding the challenges and advancements in the digitalisation of public administration across EU member states. It provides an overview of the most recent developments of 35 European countries.. has been an integral part of facilitating the digitalisation of public administration within the EU, by serving as a central open data repository for EU-related data, including statistics, policies, legislation and other information.

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