Discover the data.europa academy: Second course, ‘Understanding the legal side of open data’ |
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Discover the data.europa academy: Second course, ‘Understanding the legal side of open data’

Learn what is covered in the second course of the data.europa academy, diving deeper into legislation and regulations regarding open data

The second course of the restructured data.europa academy aims to enhance the understanding of how legislation and regulations can impact the publication and reuse of open data. The course ‘Understanding the legal side of open data’ introduces the different types of open data licenses and provides information and tools to select the appropriate one. Furthermore, it presents the current legal challenges related to the use and distribution of open data.

The course consists of three lessons. The first lesson, Open data licensing, explains the concept of open data licensing and what it means in practice. Through e-learning modules, reading materials, videos, and tools you will learn how to differentiate between licenses, build a machine-readable open license and use the licensing tool. The second lesson, Introduction to data protection, delves deeper into open data and privacy, the importance of data governance and explores the impact of legislations on data ecosystems. The third lesson, Introduction to intellectual property and competition law, provides reading materials and videos to help you understand the current state of intellectual property law and competition law, along with their challenges. As an example, the recording of the data.europa academy webinar ‘Competition law in the data economy: how will the evolving legal landscape affect data markets?’ will help you better understand the competition law and its impact.

The constantly evolving data ecosystems pose legal challenges on the use and distribution of open data. By following this second data.europa academy course, you will gain a better understanding of current and upcoming legislations and explore the full potential of open data!

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