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Discover the processes of the open data lifecycle

With the onion-like model of the Open Data Policy Lab

We know that open data supports data-driven decision-making and has the power to create true societal value. Yet data-driven decision-making is not straightforward. It is both complex and multifaceted. Behind the datasets, there is a myriad of platforms, analysts, and processes that govern the data processing that ultimately leads to insights. When looking at the data lifecycle as a whole, however, it can be hard to disentangle the processes and make sense of them.  

To help you get a better understanding of the processes, the Open Data Policy Lab published the Third Wave of Open Data Toolkit earlier this year. This toolkit includes an onion-like model called the Open Data Framework, which visualises all the processes involved in the data lifecycle. 

This onion model has 6 rings, starting with the creation of a dataset at the centre, and branching out to data collaboration, insights, and value created through these insights. 

Learn how your organisation can create societal value by publishing data and making it available for re-use. You can read the full article published by the Open Data Policy Lab to learn more about the ‘data onion’.

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