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Discover the PSI monitor

A database of requests for re-use of PSI

With the introduction and implementation of the PSI Directive, more and more government institutions publish Public Sector Information (PSI) as Open Data. By making the data free and publicly available, many obstacles of data re-use are removed or reduced. However, there are still datasets that require submission of individual requests for re-use.

The PSI monitor is a publicly accessible database that collects and catalogues submitted requests for re-use of specific PSI datasets. As an individual, a company or an organisation, a request to a public sector body can be submitted and reported. This way, public sector bodies are encouraged to process requests swiftly. Additionally, insight into the preferences, demands and interests of re-users can improve the implementation of Open Data policies and increase the impact of Open Data. Find out more about the PSI monitor or register directly with the website and add your PSI request.

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