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Dutch Data Science Week

Several events taking place throughout the Netherlands

From 6 to 9 June, the Dutch Data Science Week will take place at several locations in the Netherlands. Data professionals are invited to solve different cases relevant to society by the use of (open) data and analytics. The week consists of several initiatives, ranging from conferences to trainings, workshops, dinners and meet-ups.

The City of Amsterdam will provide a case on how data can help the city increase the quality of life in the city. It gets busier every day in Amsterdam. In 2015, almost 140 million people visited the capital city of the Netherlands. This results in challenges, for instance when it comes to traffic management. The City of Amsterdam wants to be able to better forecast the amount of people visiting the city and to be able to better control the crowd. Therefore, they are providing Open Data via their portal, but they are also encouraging participants to combine this Open Data with other data sources.

Would you like to know more about the Dutch Data Science Week? Find all relevant information here!

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