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Dutch municipalities are opening up

Both Tilburg and Woerden release their data

As shown in the Open Data Maturity in Europe 2016 report, more and more countries are moving forward in their Open Data journey. Countries are adding more features to their Open Data portals, and are developing solid policies to back these portals. Also on city-level Open Data initiatives are deployed (for instance in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Stockholm and Vienna), as shown in a report on Open Data and cities.

But today, not only countries and major cities are embracing Open Data, also smaller cities and municipalities are opening up their data to the public. This is best illustrated by the recent releases of the Dutch municipalities of Tilburg and Woerden.

The municipality of Tilburg announced on 17 January that they are opening up their data on www.dataplatform.nl and www.data.overheid.nl. This data is for instance related to monumental buildings, public toilets and the location of waste containers. On the same day, the municipality of Woerden announced that they have released their geospatial data on http://pdokviewer.pdok.nl/.

Interested to know more? Information about Tilburg can be found here and information about Woerden can be found here.