The EDP and SCDS team at the #EURegionsWeek |
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The EDP and SCDS team at the #EURegionsWeek

On 13 October, the EDP and SCDS team participated and shared insights in a session and workshop at the 18th edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities.

The European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek) is an annual event where experts, academics and officials from regions and cities across Europe meet and exchange best practices and information on regional and urban development.

On Tuesday 13 October, the European Data Portal (EDP) and Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS) team had two sessions at the event.

  1. A session titled “Empowering citizens with data” where Esther Huyer and Laura van Knippenberg shared their insights on how open data and data sharing can empower individuals and businesses. After introducing the initiatives, the speakers gave several examples on how data sharing and open data empowers citizens and how they provide guidance and connect various stakeholders to establish a joint knowledge base. For example, the EDP’s “EDP for COVID-19” initiative enables users to find and be inspired by open datasets related to the pandemic, and practical examples of data sharing across Europe.  The recording of the session is available online.
  2. A workshop titled Data for better cooperation” where Esther Huyer, Ismail Ismail and Laia Pujol spoke about the state of data sharing in Europe and gave an in-depth overview of the situation in the Health, Agriculture, and Oil and Gas sector, with selected examples to exemplify data sharing in Europe. In the workshop, they discussed the effect of a “code of conduct” for data sharing in the different sectors, the role of culture in facilitating or restricting sharing information between parties and institutions, and how to facilitate trust and encourage others’ to share data. The recording of the workshop is available online.

Thank you to the organisers of #EURegionsWeek for the fantastic event.

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