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EEA SDI: Find geospatial data from the European Environmental Agency on

The EEA SDI metadata catalogue contains datasets on the European environment from the European Environmental Agency

The European Environmental Agency Geospatial Data catalogue (EEA SDI) is a service that facilitates the discovery of geospatial datasets produced, acquired, and published by the European Environmental Agency (EEA). This Agency aims to provide knowledge and data on the state of Europe’s environmental, climate change and sustainability issues, to support policy development and efficient reporting infrastructures for data flows.

The datasets available on EEA SDI include spatial datasets, series of data, tabular datasets, catalogues, and other services. This content is implemented in the open-source application GeoNetwork, which offers a wide range of search functions and an interactive web map viewer. The application allows users to browse for datasets by theme in compliance with the INSPIRE directive, such as land use, habitats and biotopes or atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, datasets are also organised along EEA themes, such as air pollution, climate mitigation and energy.

EEA SDI data is used in a wide range of sectors, such as research on the costs and benefits of climate change adaptation by looking at data on adaptation budgets, costs of measures in adaptation plans and resources used for adaptation. Additionally, it is used for research on the progress of European forest ecosystems considering the results of forest health monitoring systems in Europe and data on the state of and trends in forests.

Since 2022 you can find more than 700 EEA SDI datasets on, providing you with the knowledge and data needed to contribute to a more sustainable Europe.

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